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  • What experience do you have with helping Americans vote?
    Two of us started helping Americans register and vote in 2002 from Bali — we were appalled at how confusing and off-putting it was for most Americans at that time. Since then some websites, laws and much information has greatly helped. A few more volunteers joined us in 2004 for the presidential elections and we helped over 50 people vote from Bali. In 2008 we’d grown to 6 of us and we started heavily using email to get the word out to Americans. We had several voting registration parties as well as sending out voting info to over 200 that year. We had a voting party where we helped over 80 people successfully cast their ballots, with assistance from the US Consulate and other political operatives. Since then, we’ve grown to 9 volunteers and helped many voters in all elections since.
  • Will you really help ANY American with voting?
    Yes. We are firmly committed to that, regardless of any political differences between us.
  • You seem politically biased.
    Yes, we are, but so is just about everyone else. You can choose to agree with us or ignore that aspect. In any event we’ll help you vote, period.
  • Will you help me if I have a question?
    Yes, if it’s about voting, we’ll help you. We ask that you first check the info on the website and if you still have questions, use our Contact Us page to ask them. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
  • If I subscribe to your emails, can I later get off your list?
    Yes, at any time. You can do this by following the link in any email we send out for such, or go to the newsletter sign up page (link at top right) and click on the link there.
  • Do I have to actually live in Indonesia to be a member or on your list?
    No, but we expect that you are at least spending a good amount of time in Indonesia, especially around voting registration or ballot time.
  • Will you give out my info to any third-party? No. We so state clearly in our Privacy Policy that never will we give out your information. We respect your privacy.
  • If your purpose is only about voting, why all the other info?
    We try to cover aspects of life in Indonesia peculiar to Americans, not expats in general.  Seems to us like a good thing to do. Basically we hope more Americans will visit us with all this information and links. The more visiting, the more will see the voting help that we offer.
  • Can I help you with assisting Americans to vote?
    Yes, please use our Contact Us page.
  • Are you really non-profit?
    Yep, and even worse (for us), it costs us both time and money. But we are dedicated to this task.
  • Will you keep this effort going for many years?
    That’s our plan, as long as we’re able.
  • Can you make a website for me?
    No, sorry, we’re much overbooked and definitely do NOT want more business.

If you have other questions or comments, please use our Contact Us page.