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Welcome fellow American!

This website is aimed specifically at helping Americans living in Indonesia, though much of the information is applicable to American expats in other countries too. Our main focus is providing clear guidance to assist Americans voting from abroad in US elections.

We are non-partisan, non-profit (negative profit actually), not connected to any government in any way, and all volunteer based. We also guard your privacy completely and never give out your info to any third party.

The website has been developed by a group of American volunteer expats in Indonesia with the goals of keeping Americans in Indonesia:

  • Informed about laws, regulations and insider information that impact American expats in Indonesia — originating either in the US or Indonesia
  • And primarily to provide help in voting

See this article about us in the Thursday, Sept 6, 2012 Jakarta Post about us.


Our main purpose is to help Americans here VOTE.

If you like, we’ll even help you with the registration process, help you get your absentee ballot, and even get you the “FWAB”, should your absentee ballot not arrive in your rice field on time.

We promise to walk you through the entire voting process in each election, and even provide individual assistance when needed. We also try to keep you informed of important events especially relevant to American expats here. Also you can sign up for our email bulletins and we’ll send you periodic (a few/year) updates and important announcements.

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