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It is strictly non-profit, not connected to any government in any way, and all volunteer based. It has been developed by a group of American volunteer expats in Indonesia with the goals of keeping Americans in Indonesia:

• Informed about laws, regulations and insider information that impact American expats in Indonesia — originating either in the US or Indonesia

• Entertained and amused as the opportunity presents itself

• And primarily to provide


• Our main purpose is to help Americans here VOTE.

If you like, we’ll even help you with the registration process, help you get your absentee ballot, and even get you the “FWAB”, should your absentee ballot not arrive in your rice field on time.

If you'd like to post comments on our articles, just fill out our very simple and completely confidential membership form. If you do we promise to walk you through the entire voting process in each election and to keep you informed of important events for us.  Alternatively you can just sign up for our email bulletins and we'll send you periodic updates and important announcements.

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Political Insights from Thomas Fina

From Democrats Abroad, Dec 28, 2013

To Democrats Abroad
28 December 2013
Tom Fina, Executive Director Emeritus
The joyous sounds of Christmas still float across Washington as both house of Congress as well as the President have left town. Pope Francis’s outspoken championship of the poor and weak have made him the Man of the Year. President Obama’s championship of public policies to achieve the same goals have won him the worst approval ratings of his presidency.
Christian pastors remember Jesus’s focus on the poor, the sick, the weak. Republicans refuse to extend long term unemployment insurance , demand huge cuts in food stamps for the poor, sabotage the extension of healthcare to the poor and uninsured, oppose an increase in the minimum wage and in spending to put the unemployed to work. 
The first year of Obama’s second term has been a disappointment and frustration not only for him but for all liberals, at home and abroad. Republicans and libertarians are basking in schadenfreude. The over-arching focus of both camps is now on the November elections to House and Senate. . . read the rest of this article

Making the Vote Count

from The Jakarta Post, Sept 6, 2012 (p 21)
article by Trisha Sertori, photos By J. B. Djwan

Americans in Indonesia

With an estimated 3 to 6 million US expats dotted around the globe and a knife edge swing between candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the November US presidential elections, pundits are suggesting the US expat vote could tip the scale in the greatest (political) race on earth.

Some US expats in Bali are taking this possibility seriously and working to ensure every potential absentee vote from both sides of the political divide is registered and counted ... read the rest of this article

Overturning the Supreme Court's Citizens United Decision:
THE Most Important Task for US All

Overturn Citizens United with a Constitutional Amendment

Sign petitions: MoveToAmend, Coffee Party, ...
Write your Congressman and Senators. Tell your friends!

Overturn Citizens United with a Constitutional Amendment
Otherwise we will be ruled by corporations NOT people
See this video

What Tax Structure Really Creates Jobs?

Corporations strive for profit, not creating jobs!

Other important videos


Which of these expat issues is most important to you?


  • May 28, 2014  US Surabaya Consulate Announcement on Crime: There's been a number of reports recently of crimes being committed against expats in parts of Indonesia, especially Bali.  Here's a message about this  from the US Consulate in Surabaya to Americans in all of Indonesia.

The U.S. Mission has been tracking with concern reports of crimes, including violent crimes, against foreigners and Indonesians in Bali.  We have been in touch with our wardens and the authorities to follow up on these reports.

How ACA (Obamacare) Affects Americans Living Abroad

[Below is a summary of how the ACA (Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare) affects those of us living abroad (emphasis added by me).  Our thanks go out to Democrats Abroad for preparing this.  Note that if you are inside the US more than parts of about 35 days/year, you MIGHT be subject to the penalty -- which can be substantial -- if you don't have this insurance.  Note that the ACA insurance plans only pay for medical services in the US, just like Medicare.  We highly recommend that all of you to have medical insurance that covers you here.  Dave, 2014/03/17]

Summary Prepared by Sabrina Segal, Democrats Abroad Italy

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