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Welcome to AmericansInIndonesia.org -- "Am-In" for short! Have you seen this article about us in the Thursday, Sept 6, 2012 Jakarta Post about us? This website is aimed only at Americans in Indonesia and has been developed by a group of progressive American volunteer expats in Indonesia with the goals of keeping Americans in Indonesia:

Providing tips on services and fun for US expats in Indonesia such as health insurance, visas, emergency help, AND hotel/restaurant tips and interesting shopping.
  • Updating American expats on US politics and in particular HOW TO VOTE and stay involved in the democratic process in the USA;
  • Informed about laws and regulations that impact American expats in Indonesia—originating either in the US or Indonesia;
  • Sharing news of good works in Indonesia sponsored by or led by American expats
  • Entertaining us during these chaotic and challenging times for the USA!
  • This is strictly NON-PROFIT  and all VOLUNTEER based . Let us know if you want to help.

Am-In is a work in progress. PLEASE let us know your ideas, what topics you want covered, and share your tips and info.

Many of us are Bali-based, some in Jakarta. Hello SURABYA? MEDAN? YOGJA? MAKASSAR? MANADO?

Where are YOU -- Americans In Indonesia?


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